AICTE to shut down engg colleges with poor admissions

AICTE to shut down engg colleges with poor admissions, brainfeed magazine

Anil D Sahasrabuddhe, chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), said there are over 27 lakh seats lying vacant in several engineering colleges spread across the country. Therefore, the council has decided to shut down those engineering colleges that have consistently been receiving admissions below 30% of the allocated capacities in the last five years.

Sahasrabuddhe further said these colleges are scheduled to be shut down from the 2018-19 academic year. He made this statement during a two-day a world education summit.

He then said for some years, the AICTE has been trying to reduce the number of engineering institutions in the country as there were poor demand and falling quality of education.

Further, he said, “We have also reduced the penalty for closing down an engineering institution that was a deterrent for many colleges that were willing to shut amid poor demand.”

With India’s engineering dream going bust, AICTE has been planning to cut down at least six lakh engineering college seats across the country. As per data, there are at least 10,361 AICTE-approved engineering institutions in India having a total intake capacity of over 37 lakh students. Of this, at least 27 lakh seats are lying vacant.

In addition to shutting down colleges, Sahasrabuddhe said, AICTE was focusing on life skills and solving real life problems. “The number of jobs are diminishing in the country and to cover that up AICTE has formulated the National Student Startup Policy,” he added.