Can you eat plastic bags? No?


Scientists and climate change activists have been ranting about plastics, degradation, micro, macro and many more terms, which we actually have to search in the dictionary but surprisingly mother earth as always brings a solution.
Scientist Federica Bertocchini of the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria had noticed ‘WAX worms’ eating up plastic bags. These wax worms are famous for being bait for fish and eating up beehives. Federica noticed these worms munching on her beehive she kept at her home. She collected and put them in a plastic bag to avoid further damage of the beehive.

What shocked her next was that the worms were seen crawling everywhere. The worms apparently ate away the plastic bag and came out. To test if the worms were actually eating the plastic and not just chewing, they were placed in mixer grinder along with plastic for 14 hours. It was noticed that a considerable amount of plastic had disappeared. This is a clear proof that some compound in the worm’s digestive system is digesting the plastic bag. Federica found that a compound known as ethylene glycol was found when the residues were tested in a lab confirming plastic degradation.
Later, researchers discovered the bacteria that was found in the digestive system, which helped the worm devour the plastic at a slow rate comparative to the worm itself, Some researchers are still going on to see if there is any particular digestive enzyme or the particular molecule that can help in breaking down of plastic so that we need not use million worms to breakdown plastic instead produce the enzyme or molecule at higher rates.
However, there are parallel researches that are going on saying that marine fungus can also help plastic bags out.
Let’s hope this could be the solution and yet not come to any conclusions as the research is
still on.