Career: Carpet Technology


The art of designing may be just for you

If there is one area that India stands out and beats the West hands down, it is carpets. It is not surprising that Indian carpet has a special place particularly in the developed countries, which absorb 88-90% of Indian carpet exports. USA and Germany are the two largest and established markets for carpets that together account for 76% of India’s exports.

Carpet industry is flourishing since 16th century and the handloom carpets are in great demand. Now, power loom carpets have taken over due to technological development. Traditional
markets are saturated while new markets are offering opportunities for growth. The official
figures suggest that exports of carpets during the financial year 2016-17 are worth `10,000 + crores. The area of carpet technology will be an interesting career as the future looks bright and India is expected to play a major role worldwide.

“The Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) at New Delhi assists exporters by identifying new markets, providing financial aid, sponsoring participation in worldwide events, arranging buyer-seller meets and resolving trade disputes.Mahavir Raja Sharma, Chairman, CEPC shares his thoughts about making a career in carpet technology”.

What is the scope of carpet technology in India?

The scope of carpet technology is huge, not only in production and making of rugs or finishing
them, but also in marketing and sales. Use of social media,use of computers in designing and development, use of small tools for finishing, and making of tufted rugs, better working conditions for workers etc. are all important for the future growth of this industry.

What are the employment opportunities for an aspirant who selects carpet technology as a career?

Designing, innovation in production and finishing, and online sales are three different areas where the aspirant can grow in their career.

What are the skills required for an aspirant who selects this career?

Mechanical and chemical engineering for tools and production, CAD for designing and development and coding, social media courses for marketing and promotion is a part of learning. A good understanding of various chemicals and chemical processes is desirable. Aspirants should also have a comprehensive knowledge of various fundamental principles of science. Having excellent observational and evaluation skills are must for candidates looking forward to pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Carpet Technology course.Candidates must be conversant in English language and computer friendly to cope up with the course material. The candidate should be creative, have strong imagination and knowledge of latest technologies, should be able to solve the problems and the most importantly should be a cooperative team member and value time management.

What is the most challenging part in this profession?

Innovation and development and constantly learning new things,styles and designs are a challenge for the youth. They get a job or a position and they become complacent, and stop to learn. It is very important to keep learning and adapting.

What is the job profile for an aspirant with a degree in carpet technology?

Graduates with a B.Tech in Carpet and Textile Technology degree have the option to provide
services as educators, fabric development executives, medical textiles engineers, operation
trainees, process improvement engineers, product development managers, professors, research
associates, sales managers,technical services assistants,product development engineer,
quality control supervisors, textile process engineer and many more.

How to enter the field?

Aspirants should have completed 10 + 2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the main
subjects. Admission to various prominent institutes is granted through AIEEE score merit list.

Your advice to the aspirants.

Life is a big learning platform and you should never cease to learn. Complete your courses and education and then experiment and continue to learn and unlearn and keep adapting new techniques and keep growing.

Prominent Institutes:

• Indian Institute of Carpet, Technology, Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh
• Indian Institute of Carpet, Technology, Srinagar,
• Department of Textile technology, New Delhi