CBSE’s marking system goes horribly wrong

CBSE's marking system goes horribly wrong, brainfeed magazine

Soon after CBSE declared the Class 12 results of 2017 an unprecedented number of students had applied for re-verification of their papers as students found that the board’s marking system had gone haywire.

Media reports suggest that two Class 12 students were shocked to receive just 68 and 42 marks in math in the board exams. When they applied for verification of marks, their marks jumped to 95 and 90 respectively.

It clearly proves that the board has surely bungled in the marking system. News reports said the marks of a Mumbai student jumped from 50 to 90 marks after verification. Another student, who had secured just 9 marks, got 45 passing marks after revision of marks.

So far there has been no official explanation on the bungling from the CBSE. However, a senior board official admitted that the number of applications for verification of marks had been ‘unprecedented’.

With the credibility of CBSE under question, students said this was “illustrative of the widespread dissatisfaction with marks. In addition, there have been several cases of improvement of marks on verification.”

With this, the fate of 10,98,420 students hangs in balance.