Cover Story – A Saga of Educational Initiative…


The new millennium belongs to the knowledge society and calls for wide range of educational reforms and leadership in the emerging society. It requires vision and efficiency in school leadership that needs to be implemented in the fast-changing educational scenario. With this view in mind, Brainfeed has initiated into launching Educational Magazines in 2013. Four years since we launched, Brainfeed Magazine has made inroads into the educational world. People wanted me to start the digital magazine. I always said and still do that the printed word has a charm of its own and that we need to inculcate reading habit among young students and support educationists and stakeholders. Conferences have always been high on our agenda as we believe that getting all stake holders on to a single platform would do wonders and we have observed how our panel discussions and brainstorming sessions brought out innovative ideas. National and International Conference for school educators, principals, teachers, and school management in 2014 was aimed to get stakeholders to exchange ideas and it was a grand success. Participant teachers and principals gave positive feedback as each one took something back after the conference. This feedback egged us on to continue with conferences. The impressive gatherings of educationists, school correspondents, principals and teachers from reputed educational institutions vouched for the need of a platform of this stature to discuss and deliberate on issues pertaining to the challenges of educationists. School Governance and the Role of Leadership, Early Childhood Education, Right Age and Right Intervention, Education Management and Leadership, Quality Teacher Education for Quality Teaching, Dealing with Digital Natives – Challenges and Opportunities: was the range of topics discussed at the 1st National Conference held on April 18, 2014 in Hyderabad. The discussions put forth the need for a teacher’s commitment to improve a student’s ability and make a positive difference in a school’s success. The deliberations on thought-provoking issues promoted professional growth of teachers. Early Childhood Education – Right Age and Right Intervention concluded that children who are exposed to education at an early stage are potentially better performers and their aggressive and violent behaviour diminishes. Education, Management and Leadership decided that creating a successful leadership community needed empowerment of faculty members. Quality Education for Quality Teaching thought that it was not technology but the teacher was the most significant contributor to learning. Teaching and learning complement each other in pursuit of quality education. Education is an on-going process of a life time; it is the kindling of a flame and not merely filling of a vessel. Buoyed by the good response to the earlier conference, Brainfeed held the 2nd National Conference, on January 31, 2015, in Bengaluru which brought together many eminent educationists from Hyderabad and Bengaluru on a common platform to share innovative pedagogic learning and teaching practices. Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Government of Karnataka endorsed that focus should be primary education and knowledge should be fed to the children and it was important that reading habit should be cultivated among children. Keynote speakers, Swati Popat Vats, President, Podar Education Network & Early Childhood Association and Dr Sunita Gandhi, Founder, Council for Global Education dwelt on ‘Creating School Environment immersed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’ & ‘Transformative Education when the best is not enough’. It was felt that there was a need to bring in newer guidelines for the students to get fully prepared for college, career and this responsibility should be shared by their families, schools and communities. ‘Educating the Child Today’, ‘Education Management and Leadership’, ‘Teachers of 21st Century: Role of Counsellors and Special Educators at School were the topics under panel discussion. Tanuja Gomes, CO-CEO, Furtado School of Music addressed how music was revolutionising teaching and learning practices in schools and said that music made a mark on the future of education. ‘Brainfeed’s maiden foray into ‘Top School Survey’ to recognise excellence in schools’ pedagogic practice, culture, core values and management system for award of ‘School Excellence Awards’ in three categories: Top 20 International Schools of India Top 20-20 CBSE-ICSE Schools Top 20-20 Pre-Schools Survey was carried out by the market research team of Brainfeed. The main objective was to identify schools that constantly pushed themselves to excel in transforming their institutions into an abode of learning, enhancing their students’ intellect and making them worthy to lead a bright life in future. A school needs to constantly upgrade its knowledge base by employing and retaining educated, learned and knowledgeable teachers and keep them motivated to perform all the time. This is a big challenge. ‘Brainfeed’s efforts to find out the Top Schools that believes in providing quality education has brought to the fore a number of schools. Brainfeed’s 3rd National Conference and School Excellence Awards 2016 held on February 4, 2016 at Le’Meredian, New Delhi, was to inspire the school leadership, deliberate on emerging challenges and reward schools for educating the young minds. The Conference was a platform for the educationists to interact with the eminent personalities in the field of education and exchange their views for an efficient education system and also to find out the remedial measures. On the topic ‘Emerging Challenges in Today’s School Leadership’ the panelists felt that the challenges ranged from mundane to metaphysical. The real challenge lay in what happened both inside and outside classrooms. Marketing the school is a real challenge because the schools need more children. Indo-UAE Conference held on April 30, 2016 in Dubai was to promote and inspire collaborative effort between Indian and UAE schools. It drew the schools of the Middle East to the classroom situation where teachers and students interact with each other. The team at Brainfeed has not spared any stone unturned and has been busy making arrangements for the 4th National Conference on ‘School Education Leadership’ scheduled to be held on February 4, 2017 at Le’Meridien, New Delhi, where the top 500 schools of India would be honoured with ‘School Excellence Awards 2017’. The panel discussion on ‘Leadership for Developing Global Competency’ by eminent educationists drawn from a cross section of professions is sure to be engrossing and we are waiting with bated breath to witness the outcome. While conferences were conducted in regularity, the magazine itself, month after month published stories on issues related to education. Catering to the educational needs of K-12 students since 2013, Brainfeed deals with issues arising out of classroom pedagogical practices, innovative technology-based teaching and latest developments in the changing educational scenario. The idea is to inculcate reading habit among young students and support educationists and stakeholders. Brainfeed also endeavours to help parents in dealing with their children and inculcating ethical values. Earlier this year, we launched three more magazines Junior, Primary and High exclusively for the benefit of students at various levels. The last four years have been fruitful and the conferences ignited many a mind. We wish the upcoming meeting too would throw up brilliant ideas that all could use for the betterment of the nation. Our aim is to get the best minds in the business to come together.