Dr. Jagdish Gandhi

Dr Jagdish Gandhi Founder of City montessori School Lucknow

Dr Jagdish Gandhi was born in Barsauli village of Aligarh district on November 10, 1936. He did his initial schooling from a village school and thereafter moved to Lucknow and did B.Com from Lucknow University. From his childhood, he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Along with his wife, Bharti Gandhi, he founded the City Montessori School in 1959, with a borrowed capital of `300. Beginnings were tough. Instead of charging fee, they asked people to send one chapatti everyday through their children as school fees. Gradually, appreciation for quality spread and they started getting students. 58 years later, the success of his school can be gauged by its size. It has grown to become the world’s largest school as per the Guinness Records, with currently over 55,000 students. Even today, Jagdish Gandhi has accumulated no personal wealth, lives in a rented accommodation in one room, which serves as his office, living room and bedroom combined together

The world has shrunk because of the technological revolution. English has become the global language. English is the language of the computers, language of science and language of business across the world. Therefore, early introduction to English helps children to get comfortable with the language.

Even though evidence suggests that mother-tongue education leads to better academic performance, it should be considered that India is a diverse country with 29 states. Its diversity can be best explained by the fact that the spoken language changes after every 200 kms of travel in the country.

In such a diverse land with people moving across so frequently in search of greener pastures, it would be very inconvenient to have the medium of teaching as the mother tongue. This would seriously jeopardise the teaching options for people who migrate from nearby lands with different mother tongue and would also limit the scope of learning for students.

Introducing English during higher education would neither help the students understand the language, nor the content of the subjects that they study in. The education of today must instill global vision in students to enable them to rise above nationalism and seek decision making global careers. For this, it is apparent that the medium of teaching be English from the beginning so that the child can understand and converse freely across state and national boundaries.