Education: The way forward

Education-The-way-Forward Brainfeedmagazine

Brainfeed magazine completes five years in April and to celebrate the occasion we bring to you a special issue on areas that concern each one of you in one way or the other. Five years ago, Brainfeed magazine was launched with an aim to connect stakeholders in education sector with the guiding theme of fostering a new convergence on issues like education policy, innovation and initiatives.

India’s deep rooted history in the field of education, especially in terms of contribution, talent and skills of educators have been acknowledged globally. Therefore, the theme of this fifth anniversary’s special issue is ‘Challenges in teaching and education’. Through this special issue we wish to raise fundamental questions that plague the education system in India and make an attempt to find ways to overcome them.

The topic is so broad that it would have taken us several issues to cover the gamut of issues but getting to know the problems and solutions straight from the horse’s mouth is something no one can question. We reached out to experts across the country on each issue and what we have is a comprehensive analysis of a whole range of issues.

The areas that need most attention is mismatch between knowledge and skills, digitisation of education, skilling teachers for a generation that is wired to the internet, multi-media based education, special education challenges, teaching students about current world events . Then there are issues of broader nature such as infrastructure, lack of funds and the education policy.

In the following pages you would be reading on all the above mentioned issues from experts who have been in the thick of it. School leaders, policy makers and individuals who have been in the field of education for decades have been forthcoming.