Following Your Path to Achieve Success


She is not only brilliant in academics but also has a knack for arts and literature. Her flair for creative writing got her short story ‘Choices’ a place in an anthology called ‘The World War I Write In’, published by Nivasini Publishers. Unlike most teenagers she is not glued to social media but advices that one has to just find their balance in using it. Surprised to know who this teenager is? She is none other than Ananya Maity from Heritage School, Kolkata.

She topped the Class XII Indian School Certificate (ISC) with a whooping score of 99.5%. Speaking to Brainfeed magazine, a matured and well-behaved Ananya, requests the parents to allow their children to pursue their interest and not to be against their wish.

How did you prepare for your regular studies?

I didn’t do anything special. I just concentrated on textbooks and tried to relate things with the concept.

To whom do you attribute your success?

I attribute my success to my parents, sister, teachers and my school. How was your feeling when you came to

know that you are the topper?

It was unbelievable when I came to know that I topped the board. I was in train, when my school principal Seema Sapru informed me about my achievement. It took a lot of time for me to sink in. Why did you prefer to take humanities

instead of science or commerce?

I liked that subjects more. Everybody should do whatever they like and what they are interested in. My parents supported me in my decision and that’s where my success lies in. Science or commerce doesn’t matter; it is the interest in the subject that matters for a student to pursue his/ her goal. I request all the parents to support their
children in their dreams instead of going against them and forcing them to do what they are not willing to do.

Your future plans.

No plans as such for now. I will be doing my graduation in psychology. Later, I will decide.I have applied to several colleges, but I would like to be in Kolkata with my family and friends. Should students preparing for board

exams be active in social media?

There is nothing wrong in using social media. It is a great platform to relate with people. Just one needs to find their balance in using it. Overuse of technology is always harmful for a person.