Google celebrates 19th birthday



The search engine giant Google turns 19 today and celebrates its birthday by creating a play along doodle. It has arranged the animated versions of 9 online games and turned it into a big spin, the wheel doodle.

Google, an American multinational technology company, was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brinn in 1998. It is now headed by Sundar Pichai.

Google known for celebrating various occasions, festivals and historical events by creating fun doodles, has created one of a kind to mark this special day.

The users can enjoy this interactive doodle by just following 3 simple steps. First, they have to go to Google’s homepage, second click on the wheel and finally, either play the game the wheel stops at or take another spin.

The list of games include the Pac man, Birthday piñata, Djing, Theramin, Arpeggios, Scovile Scales, Halloween spells, Cricket cricket and Earth day quiz.