A school with a soul is what one could define Sacred Heart School for apart from imparting
education with the state-of-the-art equipment, the school lays equal importance for the
environment and nurturing students with a humane approach. A fine blend of modernity and
tradition, technology and humane approach makes Sacred Heart stand out.

With a strong belief in ‘continual improvement’ and a firm belief in their motto – ‘wisdom, compassion and dynamism, Sacred Heart School, Kalyan is the most inclusive school where differently-abled students as well as students without disabilities participate and learn together under one roof.

Established in 2001, under the chairmanship of Late C C Anthony, the school is now under the tutelage of Albin Anthony, Chief Operating Officer and Vinita Raj, Principal who have left no stone unturned in diligently leading the school on the path of success.

Theme for the academic year 2017-2018 

The school follows a theme every year and the following year the school will celebrate all the success and achievements received till date and will see a lot of activities which will focus on the theme ‘Happiness’ in lives.

 Nisarga Nirvana

The lush green campus, spread over 11 acres, with 2700 plants and trees makes it a “NISARGA NIRVANA” campus, that turns out to be a most natural and green campus in Mumbai. Innumerable migratory and local birds reside in the campus. Post installation of the sparrow houses, the sparrow population has increased three-fold in last two years. The school intends to shift the world’s focus from ‘Global Environmental Sustainability’ to more ambitious ‘Global Environmental Regeneration’ goals. By developing the ‘Regenerative Environmental Community Model’, the school will achieve the status of being carbon positive and water positive campus and will strive to be a more vibrant Natural Sanctuary for flora and fauna.
• 80 KW Solar Power Plant system has been set up to enable the school to become an off- grid or grid-positive school
• Intense 100% Roof Top and substantial Non-Roof Rain Water Harvesting, 100% recycling of sewage water, water audits are the practices undertaken to become water positive campus
• Target of 100% segregation of waste and recycling of waste achieved

Agricultural practices
Agriculture is introduced as a compulsory graded subject in curriculum for classes 5-7
providing them with fundamental knowledge on horticulture, land management, gardening, seasonal crops, and impact of weather and food science. Students maintain vegetable garden, bottle garden and a variety of flowering plants, in the school’s terrace. Besides this students are also updated with knowledge about animal husbandry. A number of animals are domesticated in the school’s campus and a variety of birds can be found here. Under the guidance of experts, students have grown a beautiful butterfly garden in the campus. Students planted more than 15 varieties of nectar producing plants.

With an established state-of-the art 11,000 Sq. ft in house National Sports Academy, the school is a pioneer in providing world class coaching in sports.With an intention of building a solid foundation and with a vision of reaping farfetched physical benefits, the School’s Pre-Primary Section introduced Basketball to the tiny tots. This, in fact, is the school’s strong and a bold step towards shaping future champions.
Innovative pedagogical practices
The school has implemented tablet-based, textbook-less curriculum and pedagogy at the Pre Primary Level. The students enjoy learning with fun in Wi-Fi enabled Smart classrooms.
Teachers adopt various pedagogies as a science and an art of transmitting the accumulated
knowledge, skills and values to students. The results thus obtained have a positive effect on
students and facilitates better retention. Inquiry Based Teaching of Science through series of
questions by the teachers facilitates better understanding and develops scientific temper. The Inter-Disciplinary Approach is adopted by the teachers to inter-connect different subjects with each other. Innumerable opportunities are available as well as provided to students for Visual Learning. Innovative pedagogies like Flipped Classrooms, Peer Learning, Circle Time and Group Discussions are promoted by teachers in the school. The Digi-Classrooms enhance visual experiences and discourages rote learning. Collaborative Action Research on reasons provoking anger amongst students aims at determining the reasons of anger and develops management skills in the students.

Through pottery students develop their psycho-motor skills while bringing the raw clay into
shape. It can enrich children’s lives in ways ranging from boosting their self-esteem to
improving their skills. Clay captivates a child’s interest for hours, and it has a calming
effect, especially on special students.

The theatre of innovation
The Theatre of Innovation has fine tuned the acting and drama skills of students. Students
learn the art of acting under expert guidance. Students have participated in various state and
national level competitions. Recently, Sacred Heart School bagged first place at the National
Level Children’s Drama Competition held in Odisha. On May 16, 2017, the Theatre of Innovation got the prestigious chance of performing in the most renowned Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai.

Community services
Goonj – A Voice, An Effort is an NGO that stresses on proper clothing. During the last week of the current academic year, students collected used uniforms, bags, books, shoes from across the school and handed over to Goonj’s Collection Centre at Mira Road.

The Marathwada Gevrai-Bashi check-dam
The school’s musical band organised a fundraising musical concert, and raised `4 lakh as
seed-money for Rain Water Harvesting project for Gevrai-Bashi village. Sacred Heartians
volunteered to Shramdan along with villagers and sponsored the building of a check-dam across the rivulet in the village, desilted and deepened this rivulet and also constructed
a channel from the rivulet to the huge village pond using heavy machines. Sacred Heartians
accomplished the task of building a check-dam with a capacity of 50 million cubic litres of
water. Water is now available at mere 15 feet. This has helped the villagers to farm their
fields, harvest a bounty and thus stop migration from the village.

Habitat for humanity

building homes brick by brick Sacred Heartians set an Asia-Pacific record for largest volunteer program in building 10 homes and refurbishing and repainting two community halls in Adivasi Village “Dongarpada”, at Karjat.

Nirmal Hriday Express
Two truckloads carrying more than 15 tonnes of medical aid, hygiene products and groceries were collected and delivered to Chennai during floods within 96 hours and distributed through IIT (Madras) N.S.S. Team.

Latest development: The DesignHub
Setting up the ‘DesignHub’, world’s most advanced Digital IT-Learning, Designing and
Manufacturing School Lab, Sacred Heartians will be working on advanced technologies in line
with some of the best universities of the world. To give the students a realistic experience
the hall will be equipped with giant LED JBL 3D surround sound systems.

Centre for Astronomy and Space Studies
Formed in 2012, the resourceful centre helps students realise their potential in exploration.
It aims to nurture skills of curiosity and problem solving by implementation of STEM
activities. The department is equipped with a 40 seater planetarium “SKYDOME that offers an 1800 projection of applications like Stellarium and World Wide Telescope. The real time
applications are augmented with state-of-the-art Dolby effects that give the students a
thrilling experience over the 20 feet dome projection.It also has a section dedicated to LEGO MINDSTORMS where students assemble and connect colourful interlocking plastic bricks to construct working programmable robots. The students from class 5 to class 7 have a scheduled class for robotics every week; the syllabus is based on the textbook “The Art of Lego Mindstorms by Terry Griffin”. The incoming academic year 2017 -2018 will be ushering in a period for Aerodynamics exclusively for class 8 where students will deal with forces of flight and models of rubber band planes, RC propelled planes. There are also winter Engineering workshops that will be held during the October and December vacations to give the students a feel of technology expertise.