JKGIS students visit UK school under exchange programme


Giving international dimension to regular curriculum, JKGIS Vijay Nagar ventured with its first International Student Exchange Programme with Felsted school (452 year old tradition), UK from July 9 to July 23, 2017.  

Aditya kumar, V A, from JKGIS, accompanied by the Principal, experienced extreme warmth and closeness through the concept of home hosting with 28 other countries. They presented themselves as a great role model with their progressive outlook. Their infrastructure, students, teachers and the event management was outstanding and they took things to the next level to make them feel comfortable.

Aditya attended regular school, participated in various sports and fun filled activities which provided him practical knowledge beyond the class, enhanced his English language skills and led him to have deep thoughts about cultural variation. During the visit to Felsted, they got an opportunity to understand and appreciate the different educational practices prevalent in UK. It provided a rare synergy that transcends artificial barriers and enables students to follow their hearts with passion and confidence.

The visit to Thorpe Park, Cambridge College, Colchester zoo, Jumpstreet, Mersea Outdoor adventure created rapport among them. Visiting iconic sites like The British Museum gave them an insight into the social and religious solidarity of the country. The visit to London Science Museum and Hyde Park provided an exhilarating and unforgettable experience to them.

On the whole, the Student Exchange Programme undoubtedly provided a learning environment for all by bridging the gaps across the globe and paving the way for creating lifelong relationships among various countries.