Interview – Dr. Sadhana R Shahi


Many of us are familiar with a pharmacist in the local drugstore, and may have even had important questions about our medications answered. Have you ever heard of the course Pharm D????Dr-Sadhana
Pharm D is a professional Doctoral Programme. Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines. The course focuses on class room theory, penetrative laboratory experiments and motivated research projects.
In India it is introduced from the academic year 2008- 2009. The Pharmacy Council of India is the apex body controlling the course. As the pharmaceutical sector is growing day by day the chances to prosper in this field is very high.
How to enter the field?
Students those who have completed 10+2 examination with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects with one of the following subjects either Mathematics or Biology are eligible to apply for this course.
Job and Career options for Pharm.D
The Pharm D holder has opportunity with Administration, Government and constitutional agencies including the various drug implementation, quality control, manufacturing regulation Research and Development etc.
Objectives of Pharm D Programme

1. To provide patient care
2. To manage and use resources of health care system and to improve therapeutic outcomes of medication use.
3. To promote health improvement, wellness, and disease prevention
4. To develop leadership qualities to function effectively as a member of health care team
5. To communicate effectively with patients and the community.

Q: Pharm D is a new trend in the field of career now-a-days. What are the primary skills required for the aspirer? How is the course beneficial?
The paradigm shift from product to patient in recent years is due to alarming outcomes of unregulated use of medicines, which subsequently endangers patient safety. The Pharm D students will be an important link between the Doctor, Nurse and Patients. They will play a vital role in ensuring the patient safety and efficacy in therapeutic set up. Thus, a student having a liking and zeal of being associated with health care management and social commitment through Redesigning, Re-regulating, Right-sizing, and Restructuring, can select Pharm D course as a first choice as career option.Pharm D 1

Q: There are two types of course Pharm D and Pharm D (Post Bacalaurate). Please highlight about it. What is the course content of these courses?
Pharm D course is a Professional Pharmacy doctoral programme of 6 yrs duration after 10+2 (science academic stream)
which includes 5yrs of academic study + 1 year of internship or residency. Pharm. D (PB) course is a Professional Pharmacy doctoral Programme. B.Pharm content
graduates shall be admitted as lateral entry candidate to the
4th year of Pharm. D programme & the duration of course is 3 academic years ( 2 years of study and 1 year of internship or residency).
For detailed course content (syllabus) see: PharmD Regulations 2008.
PCI website:

Q: What are the diverse career options available to Pham D graduates?
Due to the changes to health care in today’s society and the increasing need for counseling and medication maintenance, pharmacists have taken on a larger role as clinicians. This increase in the need for accessible health care information for consumers has led to great strides in the field of pharmacy. The numerous and diverse career options available to Pharm D students: Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Research & Development, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Writing, Product Manager, Regulatory affairs, opportunities to work with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and personnel on specific issues affecting their business. i.e. working with such agencies as the Food and Drug Administration or European Medicines Agency (pharmaceuticals and medical devices); The Department of Energy; or the Securities and Exchange Commission (banking), Correspondents & Trainers, Top level medical representatives, Academics, Community Pharmacy, Geriatric Pharmacy, Governmental agencies, Home Health Care, Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomics and many opportunities to pave path in future.

Pharm D 3

Q: Pharm D is a professional degree course. What are the students required to do in their internship programme?
Sixth Year Pharm D: Internship or residency training including postings in specialty units. Student should independently provide the clinical pharmacy services to the allotted wards.
(i) Six months in General Medicine department, and
(ii) Two months each in three other specialty departments (Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Skin and VD, Orthopedics)

Q: What advice would you give the Brainfeed readers, who would like to choose Pharm D as a career for their future?
Dear students, you will never regret of taking up this profession. The future is very bright, well pay off profession and above all you will get an immense satisfaction of serving humanity and working for betterment of life. For this you will have to give 100% commitment and dedication. All the best for future endeavour.