Name of the Company   : Kumon India Education Pvt Ltd

Name of the Product     : Math & English Programmes

Boards Catering to        :  NA

Type                               : After school enrichment programme
                                        (Not in the given list)

Address                        :   Unit No. SF 14A & 14B, 2nd floor, Vasant Square 
                                         Complex, Plot number A, Community centre,
                                         PKT- V, Sec- B,  Vasant Kunj, New Delhi,
                                         India, Pin code- 110092

Grades catering to       :  Pre-school to High school

Mobile Nos.         :  7838158493

Land Line            :   +91 11-46000787/ +91 11-46000788

Email Id              :   info@kumon.co.in

Year of Establishment         :   2005 

Brainfeed Innovation Award Category:   NA

Website              :   http://in.kumonglobal.com

Brief About the Company :

What started back in 1954 as a unique methodology borne out of a father’s love for his son, is today benefiting more than 4 million learners across 50 countries and regions, sharpening their analytical skills and reading abilities.

In India, Kumon began its journey in 2005 and since, has made its presence felt over 133 centres spread across 23 cities in India and Sri Lanka.

Kumon in India strives to develop every child in front of us not only with academic but also with life skills and develop their ability to take on challenges by utilizing their own abilities, achieving their own dreams and goals in their lives. 

Company Product

The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method offering Maths and English subjects which aims at developing self-learning skills of children while maximizing their potential. Our worksheets are designed in a way that allows children to solve problems on their own.

The Mathematics worksheets focus on the development of strong calculation skills and, by avoiding all unrelated concepts, aim to allow students to advance as quickly as possible on their own to high school Mathematics.

The English worksheets aim to improve students’ reading comprehension skills and to develop an interest in reading, which will enable them to read higher level Classics with confidence.