Life skills educate a student’s soul

life skills
life skills

Aila Teja, Class XII

Oakridge International School, Hyderabad.

Most schools in the country do not provide courses in life skills, nor do
they have a counsellor on campus. Education is a wholesome process,
but we are all obsessed with educating the mind and have left behind the
education of the soul.

The tragic stories of students committing suicides leave us entertained for just a moment as people listen with detachment; media narrates the information with apathy. “How unfortunate” people say with no feeling at all. These are young adults who have a whole life before them. A life they are too afraid to live, only because they are too afraid to experience momentary failure. They do not realise that failure itself is momentary, just like success.

Children are taught to study hard, score high grades, and be better than the neighbour’s son
and so on. However, are they taught to believe in themselves when no one else does? Are they
taught to look for even a glimmer of light when all else seems to be drowning in the depths
of despondent darkness?

Are they taught to see that life is beautiful when everything seems to be hidden by an ugly tulle veil that only lets you see life through itself? Heavy minds carry heavy bags, but no one sees their tired souls. Grades may be soaring sky high, but does the child have the strength to deal with failure? This is exactly what the education system cries for – the
incorporation of life skills into the curriculum.

Fundamental values need to be cultivated in the children to ensure that they do not forgot them after an examination as they will serve as an anchor for the child and guide him/
her throughout life. Children need to be explained the importance of honesty, perseverance
and most importantly, they must believe in themselves. Without these, high grades only
serve as momentary gratification, a symbol of fleeting success.

Most schools in the country do not provide courses in life skills, nor do they have a counsellor on campus. Education is a wholesome process,but we are all obsessed with educating the mind and have left behind the education of the soul. Children need to be guided from a young age not only in terms of knowledge but also the skills they can apply on any occasion to tackle life with a more positive attitude.

A counsellor must be there to talk to every child without passing judgment. This willsurely reduce the number of tragic stories we hear today. By providing these life skills to a child, we not only save one child, but the world of possibilities the child carries. we save a
fragment of the future.