Mount Abu Public School – Institutional Profile


The Delhi-based Mount Abu Public School (MAPS) is an ideal institution that offers holistic learning environment that integrates inquiry-based education and encompasses key learning areas that promote investigations of global and challenging issues.  The school, under the tutelage of D N Arora, chairman, and Jyoti Arora, principal,  is deeply committed to the promotion of critical and creative thinking in the development of optimistic future visions and involves students and teachers. Students develop knowledge through meaningful open-ended investigations.

Hi-tech campus
MAPS provides a caring, respectful and safe climate. There is a strong association between positive perceptions of the school ambience and improved outcomes for students and mentors. The school lays optimal foundation for learning. The school environment brims with positivity and enthusiasm. The air-conditioned classrooms backed up with 24 x 7 power supply offers support to the learners. The technology enhanced smart classrooms encourage opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology.
Varied teaching methodologies, effective and supportive instructional schedule, sensitive guidance and care and a climate of trust and cooperation are its hallmarks. The curriculum focuses on a broad and balanced range of subjects and activities with a special reference to intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and social development of students. Under the guidelines of CBSE, the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) provides holistic profile of each learner through regular assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic domains of development in a stress-free environment.

Mount Abu Public School - brainfeed magazineInnovative pedagogy
Teaching is the best anchor when the knowledge percolates down to the learner in the most appropriate manner and leaves a trail of experience. The school has adopted numerous innovative techniques for making learning more enjoyable. The ‘Integrated Project’, provides multidisciplinary approach to learn a subject. Students present a project interlinking all the subjects in the curriculum. The multidisciplinary approach transforms the classroom into high-performance activity. Students are central of learning experience taking cues from real-life experience. It enables students solve critical problems and gain competencies. Teachers are not only catalysts who build and shape the character of students but also transform their life.
Flip classroom provides opportunity to learn the lesson by watching on YouTube. Butterfly classroom offers teachers an opportunity to learn best pedagogical practices of other teachers. The school also conducts special remedial classes called ‘Joy of Giving’ to provide students the much needed satisfaction of the joy of learning! Peer students assist in this project of the school.

Infrastructure facilities
MAPS is a co-educational institute that stresses on attributes of graciousness, astuteness, illumination and spirituality. The school houses an ultra-modern
hi-tec ambience and air-conditioned classrooms with smart technology to impart a value based quality education.
The quality education is imparted with the provision of well-equipped science laboratories to make teaching-learning very interesting and enjoyable. The school has a well-equipped library stacked with reference material useful for students and teachers.
Sports is an integral part of the campus life at MAPS. Attributes like team-spirit, co-operation, confidence and leadership skills are inculcated through participation in sports and games. The students are provided with ample opportunities to develop physical and sporting skills. The highly specialised sports coaching under expert guidance in various games like Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Cricket, Basketball, Chess and Taekwondo help students develop remarkable progress at the national level.

Skill-building activities
Co-curricular activities help develop in students the ability to shape themselves to become well-rounded individuals. They are personality transforming activities. An academic institute stands for dreams, character-building and skill-development in a student’s life. The school’s focus on providing integral education to every student is vital; it provides students with avenues for pursuing excellence in their talent area including visual and performing arts, sports and games and life-skills. Skill-building co-curricular activities prepare students practically for their future. Co-curricular activities including elocution, quiz, essay, debate, declamation, painting, skit and drama, organised throughout the year on a healthy competitive House System – intra-mural and inter-school.

Well-defined behavioural practices
A special care is taken to interact with the parents so that both the parents and teachers can contribute towards the holistic development of students. An orientation is given for parents to get acquainted with the school system. The Parent-Teacher meetings are for highlighting the positive features of the students so as to motivate the students perform better. Special assembly is organised to appreciate and felicitate the achievers in different school activities. Special workshops are organised from time to time for parents to be equal partners in the overall growth of the children. Parents are briefed about the security measures adopted by the school like fire safety and housekeeping.

The School has been recipient of several awards of national importance
Education World – Top India School Ranking 2016 with All-India Rank of 122, Times of India Best School No 4 in North Delhi, British Council International School Award, Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2016 – Top 20 CBSE Schools of Delhi , Best ‘Digital Learning’ School , Green School Award and ‘Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar’ by Ministry of Environment.