Online payment through mobile apps for schools


In today’s busy world, most of us stay in a nuclear family, and as both the parents work, they find it difficult to cope with their kids education. Mostly parents priortise the kids education for the weekend, which is not right. We need to cope up with Kid’s education and should not miss it any time.

To overcome these problems and to keep the parents updated on what is happening in school and on their kid’s daily education, a IT software firm, Entab Infotech has released a fully fledged Mobile App for parents.

This Mobile Apps, works as an output of the school ERP software and ensures higher level of communication among parents, teachers, staff and management of the school.

CampusCare ERP supports parental communication through web portal and Mobile App integrated with school ERP system by which the parents can view everyday activity of their kids, starting from daily attendance, class assignments, daily homework, daily time table, kids exams, grade sheets,  performance analysis, activities and projects and so on.  Parents can place a request for leave through this App, and can also block or order a book for their kids from the school library anytime. Without affecting their professional commitments, parents can enjoy and be a part of their kid’s education.

With a single ‘Sign In’, the software provides the details of the siblings  if he / she is studying in the same school.  The parents can also pay their kids fees, integrated with payment gateway, online with the help of this parental web portal or through Mobile App and can get the receipt for the same payment real time. All the features are linked with SMS. Parents can also be in touch with class teachers and subject teachers through internal mail.

For more interesting facts and benefits on Entab Infotech creation and the experience of parents availing with this features you can click on the link: Parent Video: Entab: CampusCare Parent Portal <>.