UK-based Telugu boy tops Mensa IQ test

Yashwanth Bandi
Yashwanth Bandi

A Telugu boy named Yashwanth Bandi, aged 12, turned out to be smarter than Albert Einstein by achieving an IQ score of 162 and topping the Mensa IQ test. Yashwanth, who resides in Reading, United Kingdom, is the son of Krishnamohan and Madhavi Latha. Both the parents are software

engineers and hail from Kolakalur near Tenali in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Krishna Mohan said his son had scored 162 out of 162. Interestingly, Einstein could score only 160 in the test. Yashwanth wants to be an entrepreneur in the field of chemistry or physics. He speaks Spanish, French and German languages fluently and he is in the process of learning
Russian and Latin.Apart from academics,he is good in sports like cricket and karate.